Tatzz Hair And Beard Hydrating Conditioner 500ml


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1.Adds volume 2. softer hair 3.Reduces tangling 4.Reduce hair frizz. 5.Prevents damage and breakage 6.Helps in moisture retention 7.softer silkier shinier hair 8.restores shine to dull hair 9.reverses hair damage Applying cocoa butter on the hair and scalp before washing is very useful for hair. Cocoa butter provides nourishment to the hair due to the presence of various kinds of fatty acid in it. It clears the scalp and allows hairs to grow faster Moisturizes your hair. Makes it more manageable. Prevents hair loss due to breakage. Strengthens the hair shaft. Adds volume and strength to fine hair. Replenishes oils lost due to chemical processes. Repairs damaged hair strands. Can prevent further damage to hair. Faster Hair growth

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