How much is the shipping fee?
On a standard order (A3 courier envelope) the shipping costs are R99.

What does Single Vendor Order mean?
When you buy items from only one vendor.

How much do I pay for shipping when I buy from more than one vendor?
You can see a break down of the shipping fees here

If I buy from more than one vendor, do I receive more than one parcel?
Yes. Each item is shipped directly from the vendor, so you will receive a delivery from each vendor that you buy from.


What is the next step after I receive an order?
When you receive an order email in your inbox or you see an order notification on your shop dashboard, you will pack the order and notify us that it is ready for collection. We will send the courier to pick it up from your location and deliver it to the purchaser.

Who pays for shipping?
Shipping is paid for by the purchaser of the item.

When do I receive payment for my sales?
Payment is made into your account on a biweekly basis.