Glazed Doughnut – Oval


This trendy “Glazed Doughnut” style was made famous by the popular Hailey Bieber. All our press-on nails are hand painted with gel polish leaving a long lasting colour that will never chip. The Glazed Doughnut effect is created with a special chrome finish.

Each nail is sold separately, add 10 nails to your cart for a full set or select the “Set of 20” if you don’t know your nail sizes. A Set of 20 comes with 10 sizes to choose from for each hand. Sizing charts are available in the image gallery.


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Please note that there may be sizing differences between nail shapes. For example, even if you know your sizes for Oval Shaped Nails, it may be possible that  Almond Shaped Nails will not be the same sizes. Always measure your nails and check the sizing charts to ensure that you order the correct size nails. Alternatively order a full set of 20 nails as there will be 10 sizes to choose from for each hand.

Use different types of adhesive techniques for wear time durations.
Nail glue = approximately 4 days wear
Nails tabs = 4 – 7 days wear
Nail tabs + nail glue = 7 – 10 days wear
Gel nail adhesive = 2 to 3 weeks wear

Nail adhesives not included.






0 = 18 mm, 1 = 16 mm, 2 = 15 mm, 3 = 14 mm, 4 = 13 mm, 5 = 12 mm, 6 = 11 mm, 7 = 10 mm, 8 = 9 mm, 9 = 8 mm, Set of 20 = 2 of each size

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